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The factory is located at Bondeno (FE) on a total area of 50.000 sqm, of which 28.000 are covered it has an annual ouput of 35.000 tons (15.000 tons of fired shapes and 20.000 tons of unfired precast shapes monolithics).

Production programme includes refractories and insulating tailored to:

Cordierite and mullite supports, batts, load carrying slabs, saggars for firing oxides.

ASTM insulating bricks grade 23, 26, 28, 30 as well as insulating MEGA SLABS (length up to 800 mm). Shapes for paling, available also as DD DOUBLE DECKS SLABS (length up to 700 mm), insulating, alumina, chrome-alumina and zircon shapes suitable for hearth construction.

Cement and lime
Fired alumina shapes as well as chemically bonded unfired shapes; insulating bricks.

Complete roof system for tunnel kiln; refractories for sidewalls and kiln cars.

ASTM insulating bricks; alumina and high-alumina bricks and shapes.

Non ferrous foundries
Alumina, high-alumina and silicon carbide bricks.

Fired und unfired alumina, high-alumina bricks..

Silicon carbide, alumina, high-alumina (also chromeoxide enriched), zircon bricks and special shapes.

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